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Januar 2017


With the support of the Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and BPI France, LASER METROLOGIE creates the High Power and Energy Laser Radiometry Center of Annecy ('Centre Annécien de Radiométrie des fortes puissances et énergies Laser'). The center is equipped with two cw lasers: a 2kW "TruFlow " laser at 10.6 µm and an 8kW "TruDisk " at 1.030 µm. These two lasers will be used to perform calibrations up to 8 kW for aeronautical field where high power lasers are used at these both wavelengths. Moreover, the automotive industry actors will have a French reference institute to relate their power meters to international Standards.
Our 8 kW TruDisk laser will allow to simulate the 20 kJ that correspond to the energy of each of the 176 nanosecond pulsed laser beams of Laser MegaJoule (LMJ) at CEA CESTA. LASER METROLOGY has designed the electrically calibrated calorimeter used as primary standard for LMJ Radiometry. It was the subject of 2 patents in co-ownership with the CEA. The principle of the LMJ Standard calorimeter has been reproduced to design a new standard calorimeter for the Radiometry Center of Annecy which allow 2 kW direct calibration with an absolute accuracy of about 1%. The principle is then different from the other European laser power standard which consists of the 1mW cryogenic standard calorimeter and a complex traceability chain to reach high power calibrations.

Contact : Marco SOSCIA, chief executive of LASER METROLOGIE SAS and COFRAC Technical Experte for laser Radiometry.