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January 2017

Optic control and laser engraving machine
The concept "RVM: Robotic Vision Machine" has been implemented to ensure control of the production of parts with high added value, whether from the machining or other manufacturing process such as laser welding, etc ... Unlike conventional concepts that consist in draging the pieces to be checked on an incline or rotating them on a glass plate, we are using a digital grip that finely position each piece in the field of cameras and digital optical sensors to optimize the measurement resolution and the number of criteria to control. Thus we obtain dimensional checks to an effective resolution of ± 1μm and multiple treatments: surface condition or type of machining, threading, tapping, groove, chamfer, concentricity, chips, burrs, presence - absence, etc ... An advanced human machine interface allows to ensure all relevant operations: calibration, thresholding, performance management and parts counting, etc. ... All controlled parts can be identified by laser engraving before being packaged according to customer demand.