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January 2017

RLC60 V2 measure head RLC60 V2 electronic box
The laser cone radiometer RLC60 has in its 2.3 version (2011) a new electronics with the last generation microcontroller HCS12 from Motorola that has been widely tested. The heat shaft keeps its conical absorber cooled under the skin with an opening of 60mm, and offers an absorption capacity of 12kW in an ultra compact volume unmatched on the market. This version also keeps its operating principle of true calorimeter where continuous measurement of laser energy absorbed and evacuated per time unit through a water cooling. The hydraulic turbine and the thermopile fitting out the heat shaft are two new specialized sensors designed and built today by Laser Metrologie. The radiometer also keeps its 0-10V analog output and its protection relay that can be interfaced with a production machine. A 32-bit Windows software is also available for saving measures. This new version is particularly well suited for high power measurements on YAG disc lasers, up to 12kW continuously and without any time limit. The absorption capacity can be extended to 15kW with an additional cooling.