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January 2017

Matrix digital and linear cameras

Matrix digital and linear cameras
based on industrial PC
Matrix digital camera on laser focusing head

Matrix digital camera installed on laser focusing head
Laser Metrologie implements flexible and powerful industrial vision solutions for assistance of processes and production control. We are involved in industries as diverse as glassware, laser welding, etc. ... The image processing software we use: general or specialized configurable routines enable us to perform any type of control: dimensional appearance, surface treatment, etc ... When necessary we also develop the LED lighting solution useful in the application. Particularly in the field of laser welding we replace the analog camera that allows viewing on a monitor by a digital camera with PC-based software that allows us to assist the laser welding (Mire adjustable at will, laser shoots on stored target, approaching parts procedure, etc. ...) and to control the weld in line so that we can ensure a consistent production to the end customer (the non-conformities are automatically identified and excluded).