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January 2017


The Laser Metrology company was founded in 1991: it is a limited liability company with a capital of 92 000 Euro, 100% of the shares are held by three associates in positions of permanent employees. Since the beginning, our studies and developments business has been supported by several ANVAR programs and today by OSEO Innovation. It is around the characterization of industrial laser beams that activity has started and that it continues today with industrialized systems with strong potential: hybrid radiometers RHC25 and RHC30, real pulse analyzer for pulsed YAG laser with flash lamps used in micro welding and drilling in aeronautics, and the RLC60 V2.1 radiometer for measurements on high power continuous YAG, CO2 and diode lasers (12-15kW). Meanwhile we have started new activities integrating new skills: in programmable electronics with the design and manufacture of evolved microcontroller cards, in digital vision machine for contactless control and support processes, in mechatronics with digital axes and electro pneumatic transfers equipped with dedicated electronic and finally in the field laboratory and production machine around the contactless control, engraving and laser welding. Recently a major production activity in complex laser welding has started in the company: in this way, we have designed and built two laser welding machines with 8-axis which processes are automated and assisted by digital industrial vision. Today we are present in various high tech sectors: Aerospace, Energy transmission, Nuclear, Automotive, glassware, various laboratories, etc. ... Laser Metrology can solve the complex customer demands using a multidisciplinary technological knowledge widely tested. The incoming globalization makes us think that the sustainability of companies like ours can be achieved only through high value-added benefits associated with high quality and high reliability industrial implementation. It is in this spirit that we strive to best meet your needs as evidenced by our recent accomplishments of complex machinery.