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January 2017

Laser welding machine
Laser Metrology has designed and built 2 laser welding automated machines with 8 axes that provide an in-house total production of 60 000 complex welds per month. The welding head is mounted on a 3-axis gantry and the parts to be weld are positioned with 5 additional axes. These machines are equipped with two YAG pulsed lasers with flash lamps: HAAS HL204P 200W/Fibre 400µm and TRUMPF Trupulse 62 60W/Fibre 200µm. In both cases, the process of docking parts is finely and automatically managed using a computer vision system installed on the laser focusing head. This gives a high repeatability of welding and a geometric and dimensional control in line of the completed weld cordon, which ensures the end customer quality and reliability of our production. The parameters of laser beams are kept in time with shots on target which digital images are stored and through an hybrid radiometer permanently installed that periodically checks the laser pulse trains used for laser welding. The confidential aspects related to this production does not allow us to present here the results of welding. It is important to note that we are able to achieve this kind of complex machine with our own resources to ensure the production of a customer that would be guaranteed over several years.